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Google Global Firefox Addon

Posted in ASP.NET (C# & VB) by Alok Kumar Pandey on February 24, 2011

Google Global Firefox Addon

Anyone who is familiar with the Internet and searching on Google is likely to have run across several geotargeted ads which serve up content based upon your location. If you’re a creator of one of these ads, you probably know about one of the many ways to check up on your ads from proxies to manual additions to the url for your search query. While those solutions certainly work and aren’t too time consuming, the new Firefox addon, Google Global, allows you to perform those tasks with a couple clicks instead.

What Is Google Global?

Google Global is an addon which allows you to right-click on a Google search results page and choose which country you would like to emulate, and Google returns its results as if you were located in that country. The first incarnation, version 1.0, was greeted with interest, but due to feedback received from users, version 2.0 has been rebuilt from the ground up to provide a better user experience.
For an even more targeted search, you can even set region IDs and create a custom list of frequently used locations that you would like to test from. The specifications include: country, city, region, ZIP code, and IP address. By changing these specifications, you’ll receive results for different locations and the common languages associated with those locations.
The addon is completely free, but it is incompatible with version 1.0 due to the complete rewrite, so users with the previous version will need to uninstall the old version before installation of 2.0.

Download Google Global


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