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Posted in ASP.NET (C# & VB), C#, HTML and XHTML, J-Query by Alok Kumar Pandey on April 25, 2012

On using SageFrame for your web development, you can, not only gain benefits of a CMS that is easy to use, but also an ability to create your own custom applications. Similarly, you can use applications and modules developed by other users. SageFrame’s plug and play modular architecture enables you to plug a desired module into your system and acquire the required feature instantly.



Explore awesome features with SageFrame 2.0

Posted in Uncategorized by Alok Kumar Pandey on April 3, 2012

SageFrame strives to give you the best CMS experience in the web. We hope you had an awesome experience with SageFrame 1.0, but with SageFrame 2.0 we promise you even more – enhanced features, flexibility, ease of use and lots more. SageFrame 2.0 is stunningly awesome – explore more.

• Easy single click installation
• Dynamic content management
• Robust site security
• Plug and play modules
• Inline editing support
• Inbuilt module packaging and publishing support
• Localization Support
• Multi-portal Support

SageFrame 2.0 available to use
For demo just visit
For Downloads

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